The delivery and installation is a very important part of a successful experience. Please take time to read the information provided below to gain an understanding of what is included.

Our delivery process is set up to make your life hassle free. We are the build team and the installation team supplying the truck, trailer, and tools to get your project delivered and installed safely. With each commercial project we collaborate with the owner/general contractor to arrange the delivery of each container(s) to the jobsite, we will also coordinate the crane for placement. Once the container(s) are installed our team will work to complete the items that we committed to finishing. Our goal is a completed project so when we leave it will be ready for inspection. Please keep in mind every project is a little different on who completes certain items which is why CCL will coordinate with owner/general contractor on the frontend to determine who will be responsible for those certain items.

Our standard installation typically would include welding down the container(s) to the steel embed plates in the foundation, buttoning up any seams, utility connections from container to container if it is a multi-container project, and complete a final walk-through. The final utility connections will be the responsibility of your general contractor.

Below we have given general requirements that might and might not apply to your commercial project. Our team will work to make sure you have a good understanding of what is required for a successful delivery.

  • Roadways leading up to the property have at least 14’6” clearance from any low hanging objects.

  • Entrance to your property is approximately 40’ wide and solid; we will be delivering in a semi-truck. If the property entrance is not 40’ wide, then we need to make sure there are no ditches or dips on either side of driveway or on the opposite side of the road.
  • The driveway and/or path to foundation is solid with compacted gravel or a hard surface so we don’t get stuck. It is the customer’s responsibility to let CCL know if the property is too wet for delivery.
  • An open, unobstructed area around the foundation is critical so we can straighten our semi-truck with the foundation. We require approximately 150’ of almost level ground in the direction we will need to straighten out for unloading the home.
  • The foundation is fully cured. If it is not, CCL will need permission from your general contractor to go back and place your home on the foundation. 
  • For a standard delivery, make sure the foundation is not elevated more than 3” to 4” above grade. 
  • If your foundation consists of a crawlspace the standard delivery will not qualify. We will need a crane to place your home on the foundation.

Delivery Requirements

If your site does not meet all the requirements for standard delivery don’t worry, we have a great deal of experience navigating more difficult sites. Most of the time it means some special equipment to complete the delivery might be required. In most cases, this will require a crane for picking the containers up off the trailer(s) and placing them on the foundation or trying to climb a steep grade to reach the foundation. If you have any questions or hesitations, we would be happy to schedule a site visit. During the site visit we can determine the level of complexity and what special equipment will be needed so that you can be prepared with any additional requirements.

We don’t like surprises to arise once we arrive onsite because that means we have to be the bearer of bad news and tell the you it might delay the delivery or cost more which no one likes. We strongly believe in site visits, and on most larger commercial projects we will visit the site before everything is finalized.

Estimated Delivery Costs

Looking for a delivery estimate? Please contact our team for estimates related to commercial containers.