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You are not limited to the options below as many commercial projects vary in scale, design, and utility, including commercial containers. Our Sales team will work directly with you to accommodate your project design and provide pricing based upon state and local requirements.


Revolutionizing the industry of transitional housing, student housing, employee housing, offices, and more with innovative, versatile, and eco-friendly commercial containers. Our team is dedicated to exploring the limitless possibilities that could revolutionize your business ideas through a unique, commercial container project.


Ideal for single and multi-family housing, student housing, employee/workforce housing, transitional housing, micro-communities, and more.

Below are some popular floor plan options. If your project requires a different style, our sales team is happy to help.

40' Double Bunkhouse

Split 40′

40’ I 320 SQ. FT.


40' Commercial Bunkhouse Container

Single 40’

40’ I 320 SQ. FT.


2 bedroom multi family container home

Double 40’

2-40’ I 640 SQ. FT. 


Restroom Facilities

Great for parks, resorts, events, campgrounds, and building additions for extra restroom space, and more.

20' ADA compliant restroom

20’ ADA Compliant

20′ | 160 SQ. FT.

Typical Price Range is $43K to $50K

40' Container Restroom

Men & Women Restroom + 1 ADA Compliant Restroom

40′ | 320 SQ. FT.

Typical Price Range is $75K to $85K

40' M/W restroom container

Men & Women Restroom

40’ I 320 SQ. FT.

Typical Price Range is $75K to $85K

Office Space

20' Office no restroom


20’ I 160 SQ. FT.

Typical Price Range is $25K to $30K

20' Office with restroom

Office With Restroom

20’ I 160 SQ. FT.

Typical Price Range is $35K to $40K

Our Work

Fisk University

In 2023 Custom Container Living built new student dorm housing for Fisk University to help accommodate their needs.

Benefits of Building a Container Structure for Commercial Use

The benefits of building a shipping container structure are endless – here are some of the top reasons:
Compared to traditional buildings, our commercial structures are made of steel and were originally intended to withstand the harsh and rigorous conditions of inter-sea transport.
The time of construction and the cost of the build can add up to a lot of money saved.
Whether you are looking for dorm/employee housing, transitional housing, restroom facilities, or a simple office space, our commercial structures are extremely accommodating.
We build and assemble inside our climate-controlled facility, allowing us to construct year-round. As a result of these advantages, the build time is generally much less than a traditional build with a higher level of quality.
The affordability, durability, time, and versatility make shipping container structures a wonderful alternative to a traditional commercial build.


Experience For Yourself Why We’re The Best In Business

Years of

We started out building high-end traditional homes and carried over our legacy of high-end craftsmanship to the container business. Every single one of our builds is made with the same standard and quality as the last.

Friendly &

We believe in doing business the old-fashioned way by delivering on our promises, offering a quality container home on time and done right the first time. Count on us to complete your project with a handshake and smile.


We believe our customer service sets us apart, with the level of detail from start to finish, our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations through the whole process.

Who We Are

Custom Container Living was established in 2015 by Robert Wagoner stemming from a love of alternative structures.

During his experience with traditional home construction, Robert knew there was a better experience to be offered utilizing shipping containers.

The benefits are amazing, not to mention nearly indestructible!

Our Process

Constructing a project with shipping containers may appear overwhelming. Yet, at Custom Container Living, we recognize the individuality of each project. From inception to completion, we’re here to assist. Count on us to help you navigate every step and detail.

Customer Reviews

Check out what others are saying about us.

The team has been very patient and cooperative with our family as we design our container home for Lake of the Ozarks.

Greg Hanel

Robert, Jay and Hayden are on it! Their work is top notch and the “Custom” in their business name is a way of life for them!

B.A. Law

If you are looking for the tiny home experience, this is the company to go with! I loved their work. I cannot sing their praises enough.

Peggy Nichols

These guys are amazing. Very helpful and friendly. Also, patient with the questions. And the level of work is fantastic.

David Allen