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Cost-effective and timeline friendly

Floor plans ranging from:

160 SQ. FT. – 640 SQ. FT.
Single Story


Sustainable living

Floor plans ranging from:

320 SQ. FT. – 640 SQ. FT.
Single Story


All available floor plans with a wider range of customizable options

Floor plans ranging from:

160 SQ. FT. – 960 SQ. FT.
Single and Double Story


Restroom facilities, office space, dorm housing, employee housing, transitional housing and more

Floor plan options:

Single and Multistory

Who We Are

Custom Container Living was established in 2015 by Robert Wagoner stemming from a love of alternative structures.

Through his experience with traditional home construction, Robert recognized the potential for a superior experience by building and offering custom shipping container homes.

The benefits are amazing, not to mention nearly indestructible!

Check Out Our Facility

We believe in being upfront and transparent with all our customers which is why we take pride in highlighting our state-of-the-art facility.

Our goal is to provide that extra piece of mind needed when selecting your container home builder.