Modular Home Building Done Right

Modular Home Building

Praised for their simplicity, consistency, and smooth processes, Custom Container Living has embraced the potential of modular building and proven, time and time again, how fruitful it can be.

Custom Container Living (CCL) builds spacious homes within the confines of shipping containers. How? Their streamlined process emphasizes their employees’ specialties in framing, electrician’s knowledge, and insulation, too. That’s just the inside. On the outside? Custom painting, window framing, and custom doorways are their definition of ‘fun’. Using multiple bays in their warehouse, employees are thoughtfully and thoroughly building container homes. The perks? Let’s get started.


Building in a climate-controlled building eliminates issues with weather. On-site construction is at the mercy of Mother Nature, but CCL’s controlled environment assures plans can be carried out seamlessly.


Consistency could be CCL’s middle name. Their processes are so consistent because they are their own contractors. Communication from employee to employee is precise and scheduled, creating a unified building system from start to finish. Their brand’s expectations are understood and executed company-wide.


Owner Robert Wagoner realizes his wide array of customers have one thing in common: to move into their home quickly. “We provide homes for first-time homeowners to event spaces turning their homes into guest houses,” he says. “People want to move in and make their space their own as quickly as they can, and we make that a priority.

“They laid the building and it was turn-key.” – Simple Blessings Farm and Event Barn


Inside each shipping container home looks a little different according to what the customer asks for. Want a one bedroom studio? Easy. Need a two bedroom shipping container for a roommate? Got it! Three bedrooms for a family and an upstairs loft? They do that, too.


In Ron Barnes’ customer testimonial, he praises CCL for their build time and ability to meet his needs. As a customer who lives in the country, his praise emphasizes the energy efficiency of his new container home and describes the insulation, electric system and his new electric bill amount as “fantastic.” With reliable weather protection and no home mortgage, Mr. Barnes is one of many of CCL’s customers who have experienced financial freedom through the investment of their shipping container home.

In Mr. Barnes’ interview, he goes on to praise how easy it is to keep clean, how well-insulated it is, and brings up how many people have expressed interest in CCL’s work since coming to visit his new home. He and many other satisfied customers share their testimonies and experiences on CCL’s website.

For these reasons and many more, CCL’s success in modular building will continue to grow. If you have any questions on how you can build your future home with them, contact them here.

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