Innovative, Sustainable, Durable: Custom Container Living Provides Shipping Container Workforce Housing

Fisk Custom Container Workforce Housing

The housing sector in America is observed with great detail as it affects nearly everyone. American cities are experiencing a population inflow causing cities and multifamily investors to house more people than ever before. Well, they’re trying.

Tourists need places to rent. Locals need places to live. Many people are still feeling the effects of the whopping 19.3% increase in pricing in 2021, leaving city-dwellers with not very many homes – and expensive ones at that. Community growth is certainly a positive for cities, but it demands innovative solutions for housing needs. Enter Custom Container Living: A blue-collar company harnessing the versatility and efficiency of shipping containers as homes.

CCL’s home designs emphasize durability and comfortable living, and they design with an eye for aesthetics. Models like the two-bedroom-two-bathroom 40’ Bunkhouse are perfect for two people to share and still have access to their own kitchenette and bathroom. CCL can create neighborhoods and contemporary communities by stacking models that are able to house 100+ residents like they did for the Fisk University housing project in Tennessee.

No matter your location’s needs, Custom Container Living has the solutions for cities grappling with growing pains. The modular nature of their shipping container homes allow for quick build times, in-house communication without the blurred lines of contractors, and a contribution to sustainability by repurposing a resource that already exists.

In the Fall of ‘23, a private island owner in the Bahamas contacted CCL to help sustainably create a neighborhood for resort employees. Thus far, CCL has delivered 12 shipping containers to the island embracing principles of sustainability and adaptability while contributing to the comfort of the island’s flourishing population.

Custom Container Living is thriving as they aid metropolitan growth. If you are eager to solve a housing need, contact them at their website for quotes and conversations about your projects.

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