Blue Collar Attitude. Big City Aptitude. A website that shows it.

Custom Container Living was founded by Robert Wagoner. His traditional start in the construction field repeatedly revealed gaps like overspending, unreliable contractors, and maintenance needed on new builds. Innovative and hard working in nature, Robert was confident he could caulk the gaps with Custom Container Living.

CCL is founded on blue-collar principles: hard work, transparency, and durability. They are a blue-collar powerhouse providing metropolis-grade results. They value human to human interaction and community connection, but acknowledge that in 2024, the average person spends 7 hours online each day. CCL knew they needed their website to better represent their blue-collar attitude and big city aptitude, so they worked with Tekkii to bring their vision to life.

“The website is actually our newest hire. It answers everything an employee could.” – Robert


The new CCL website gives their customers as much information online as possible. There are no hidden fees. Their building and billing process is done entirely in-house leaving zero chance for communication or quality to be lost. From process to product, CCL provides the Cadillac of shipping container homes.

Shop By Category

As a business owner and family man, Robert understands time is a person’s biggest asset. To best serve his customers, he advocated for an easily-followed, organized website that gets straight to the point. Customers can shop by categories including off-grid shipping container homes, number of bedrooms, specific square footage, and more.

Customization Selection & Quote Builder

Robert isn’t kidding when he personifies his website. Customers can build their home entirely online choosing everything from their layout to exterior finishes. They can even put a down payment of $1,000 down on their home to get the process started.

“Time is an asset and we want to give people what they want,” Robert says. “We are happy to talk people through the process, but this is for those who want to handle the process themselves.”

CCL is confident customers will find satisfaction on their new website and in their shipping container homes. Use the website and start customizing your future shipping container home today.

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